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Imagys OVD Ltd Have been designing UV Cast and Cure equipment for the last 9 years for a large client base.

Imagys OVD Ltd have teamed up with two of the UK's best known print machine builders AB GRAPHIC and EDALE.

AB Graphic manufacture the Omega range of UV Cast & Cure printers with web widths ranging from 300mm to 500mm

Edale manufacture the Digicom range of UV Cast & Cure printers with web widths over 500mm and beyond.

The Omega and Digicom range will Cast and Cure, holographics and optical elements.

The print head registers to the Cast and Cure head for perfect registration.

Imagys Product List

Imagys OVD Limited
Existing Technology
Thin Lens Structures for Security Application.
Lenticular lens process for Low Security and Commercial Application.
Lumagen TM holographic In-Line Process both High Security and Commercial Application
Licensed by BASF AG
Conventional Holographic Application
Holographic stay flat Wallpaper
New Technology
Ultra Thin Lens Structures for High Security Application
Holographic Hot and Cold Stamping Process integrating OVD images with full colour process manufactured in one pass for Security and Commercial Appication. This technology is available for immediate licensing, ideal solution for Credit/Debit Cards Passports and other fiduciary documents

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